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hi everyone:) i'm not sure how to post for DotH... i've been on DotA for about 6 mnths... loooove it tere! ad actually thought about DotH before the big invite a few weeks ago... rolled abad girl dk... killed my best friend... (that was soo hard... lol)... but have been tanking hellfire ramparts with jaarutel ( the other best friend who survived!) starting today and loving it!

i play probably about 4-5 times week..  i have an awesome mage on the "other" side... (which i'm very fond and proud of:) but i like being able to be extra tough on the rif-raff of dungeons as a no-nonesense tank... thank for letting my darkside shine:)



wahhhh... i'm a little bit bummed out... so i've been working so hard to get leonarda (my newly leveled 85 prot warrior hopeful tank) some good gear... bought everything i could... enchanted, gemmed... she's ilvl 346!... herbed and mined till i was dizzy... spent probably 20k... i read up on the elitist jerks how best to tank... i've been practicing... and i get into dungeons and everyone just starts slamming my tanking... i think i've got pretty good form... i don't stand in the fire... i hold agro... but if we wipe the healers are all... your too sqwishy... half your gear is pvp (which is true but its the best pvp, reforged, enchanted) and why the heck am i doing dungeons if not to find better tanking gear??? QQ QQ QQ

i think everybody kinda hates tanks because before the random dungeon finder tanks could just be jerks and everyone would have to take it... but now if they "leave party" another one pops up pretty fast...

anyway... is it just me or are dungeons just filled with jerks?

PLUS... i bought her a new ilvl 359 belt with 2 gem slots... put it on and it looks totally horrible... like i have a beer belly or am 5 months pregnant... i'm like YUCK! now i need to wear this stupid thing and still suck at tanking...

did someone say chocolate?

anyway... i thinking hunter... their armor is cute and they get lots of pets and shoot pretty bows... maybe i'm just not cut out for tanking... just not in my blood i guess...

my first cata heroic with my sisters:):):)

fun fun weekend for me!!! i transfered realms for my lvl85 mage Wilowisp and lvl33 hunter Arrowette... i had my first heroic run with all sister guildies:):):)... it was so much fun! Wilowisp was only on one other heroic before she transfered and the difference between that random and this one with DotA was like night and day... i was really dreading heroics but now they are fun again! i got a shiny new staff and ring... \o/... and one sister (sorry forgot your name:( gave me a trinket to get my gear score up high enough to make the run... i love this guild!!!!:) thank you all for helping me and... err.. lets say periodic rezzings:) glass cannon syndrome...

and also i got Leonarda my lvl81 warrior up from lvl79 to 81... and got her through enough of Hyjal for a full set of pretty new plate armor and my health went from 18K to 41K... in about 3 hours! weeee!!!!

irl my honey took me to see earth, wind and fire on sunday night:):):)... they were AWESOME!!!... we danced most of the night:):):) and for memorial day our three kids invited all their friends over so we had a kiddie hamburger cookout with all the fixings... whew i was glad for monday night to finally role around... but yeah:)... it was a really great weekend for me:) still smiling:)
well this has been another busy WOW weekend... not with leveling leonarda so much as getting my mage Wilowisp ready for the big realm transfer from draka (yuck) to Bronzebread and DotA:):):) i just love this server and guild:):):) so i got her jewelcrafting up over 500... and i still need to get her engineering up from 408 to 525... i want to craft the epic lvl 259 engineering head gear for her:) so my herb/miner druid Moonfawn on the other realm has been working over time to raise the gold! nothing better than a druid herb/miner... at 300 speed she is soooo fast. at some point i'm going to bring her over too... she was my original 70.. then 80... and 85:) but i'll probably bring over my 85 priestess Eluneschild after Wilowisp... she is like 420 enchanting and i need her enchants more than my golden druid since Leonarda is also a herb/miner...

its gonna be so much fun:):):) with wilowisp here i can already raid some!!!

oh!... and i bought an Enchanted Lantern pet for Leonarda... at first i bought the Magic Lamp but was a little disappointed with the graphics... they should have made it better... but the Enchanted Lantern is awesome!!! with little glowflies flying around it... total gold splurge but it made my heart sing:)

so since i moved realms with leonarda to join DotA... i realized that i needed to focus leonarda's talents on making gold so that i could have a good main to help the rest of my characters as they migrate over and/or are born:) sooo... i was already like 293 herbing... and i dropped engineering to learning mining... no better way to make gold than gathering both.... so that's what i focused on all weekend. last night right before bed i maxed them both out at 450... grand master... and will be leveling in northrend getting ready for the cataclysm push to 85:)  can't wait to get leonarda up to 85 (73 right now) and try out some real tanking:)

and my thoughts on joining DotA?  i couldn't be happier!!!... the guild chat is sooo refreshing and lovely... everyone is NICE and helpful.... everyone loves this guild and it shows... and the gnome punchout party to celebrate the 6th anniversary saturday!!! omg... i so wish i could have been there but we had a dinner party we had to attend... but that didn't stop me from checkng in on my wow remote chat app on my droid phone... what a hilarious initiation for me into this fun and wonderful guild. i am sooo happy i'm here... its like landing in wow paradise:)

thank you all:) i love this guild!!!

Writer's Block: Let's try this again

What movie would you like to see remade, and why? How would you change it?
The Bridges of Madison County... Clint Eastwood ( I love him) was just sadly too old.... and the movie had a feeling like he (Eastwood) was trying to make it on time and budget (which he was and did)... but it needs to feel lazy and slow like a hot summer day... Meryll Streep was awesome as always... but the book was soooo good... and the movie could be an all time classic... but its not and that's a shame.
i am sooo excited to be here with you all:) i already feel at home:) a special thanks to Jordi who welcomed me:) this is gonna be so much fun:)

sunny smiles from San Diego,