Protection Warrior

20 May
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although i was born among the red sandstones and blue skies of St. George Utah, my mom was a first generation immigrant from Switzerland and was Swiss/Itallian... my dad was a second generation immigrant and is Swiss/Scottish... so my heritage is euro blended but my olive skin is definitely Mediterranean:):):) that's were we hope to retire... on an island somewhere off Italy under a palm tree:)

i have BA/BS degrees in philosophy and civil engineering. i'm lucky enough to work for the state of California enforcing the clean water act to keep our lakes, rivers and beaches clean:) i get to fine the polluters:) i've been dreamily married to my soulmate for 10 years and we have 3 beautiful children and live in sunny southern California... with banana, avocado, lemon and mandarin trees. We have a mini donkey named Geppetto, 5 chickens and a turkey named dodo... all hens that lay eggs including dodo (they're big!):)... 2 giant Airedale terriers... and an awesome snugly cat...

we love camping, visiting grandma who lives at the beach... going for walks and hikes with our dogs and mini donkey... and enjoying family life at home:)